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Our Teacher

Namnang Mingjo Dorje Rinpoche began his training at age 6 under the previous lineage holder Huiling Rinpoche in the sacred Wu-Tai Mountains of China, revered as a holy abode of Manjushri Bodhisattva.  After receiveing the complete transmission of his lineage and beginning to care and guide his own disciples, Rinpoche continued his study in the Gelupa Tradition under His Eminence Dhakpa Rinpoche and the holy Bodhisattva Tsenshab Rinpoche.  To read more about Rinpoche, click here for an introduction and student impressions.


The Nagavara Raja Lineage (Manjushri Lineage) is a Buddhist lineage in the Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions. It has been passed down unbroken from the historical Buddha 2600 years ago -master to disciple- to our current 68th lineage holder, Namnang Mingjo Dorje Rinpoche.  We emphasize following the Buddha's original teaching style of humility, honesty, kindness and purity.  It is our mission to help others connect and benefit from the pure blessings and teachings of the Buddha as we ourselves have been helped and benefited.

Manjushri Lineage Buddha Dharma Center

Manjushri Lineage Buddha Dharma Center was established in 2001 in San Jose, CA and is a 501(c)(3) Religious Non-Profit.  We have study groups and students throughout the Bay Area from Berkeley down to Santa Cruz, in other states and internationally.  We offer teachings, meditations, practices, and special events for Buddhist holy days with online study.  All programs are free and supported by donations.