Introduction to my Buddhist Lama (Teacher)

Namnang Mingjo Dorje Rinpoche received the succession of the Old Kadampa Lineage from Dhakpa Rinpoche and obtained corrective influence education from holy Tsenshab Rinpoche. He is a good disciple of Buddha, a good cultivator, a person with good heart and kindness.

Rinpoche venerates and take refuge in the Three Jewels(1). Rinpoche's conduct and manners are prudent and self-disciplined and he seriously upholds duty. Rinpoche never thinks of himself as a virtuous one and cultivates diligently to improve himself without end.

Rinpoche has integrity and is rigorous and won’t use the method of pleasing disciples to teach the Dharma. Rinpoche embodies the teachings and cherishes sentient beings with skillful means to find the quickest way for all karmically connected beings to improve.

Rinpoche has unique and profound wisdom, has superior realization in Dharma according to Buddha’s original meaning. He can present the most proper and adaptable cultivation methods from Buddha’s sutras for sentient beings in the current era. Rinpoche combines and merges Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana cultivation methods (2) and provides each individual karmically connected being the most suitable method.

He carefully protects disciples’ virtuous roots and patiently guides disciples in the stages of the path of realization. During this Dharma-ending period, Rinpoche is a highly qualified true cultivator with good qualities. Rinpoche is a rare wish-fulfilling gem for fulfilling the wishes of sentient beings.

May all sentient beings have the fortune to gather in front of the throne of the Guru and receive the boundless benefits of the Dharma! Namo Namnang Mingjo Dorje Rinpoche!

Student Impressions:

Michelle: Rinpoche treats himself as the close friend to all the sentient beings. He finds a solution for anyone, any being, for any situation. He uses the Dharma nectar to heal different kinds of damaged hearts and he makes sentient beings’ minds full of joy and brightness. He is a kind-hearted Bodhisattva protecting all sentient beings.

Pailin: Rinpoche uses a comprehensive view to observe all the details of Dharma teachings, has read great amounts of sutra and shastra(3) and realize the original meaning of Buddha and Bodhisattvas' teachings(4). Rinpoche has special awareness and realization of Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana and efficiently unifies their essences. Rinpoche is skillful in transforming deep and complicated questions to easily understood theory to give the teaching. Rinpoche has excellent logic and is a broad-listening Wise one.

Helena: Rinpoche is strict with himself and tolerant to disciples. Every time when Rinpoche make a mistake, he blames himself and feels shame and regret for a long time but to disciples Rinpoche always has a kind mind patiently guiding them and according to different levels of disciples, loosens the standard. Rinpoche always follows the standard rule of Buddha’s original Sangha to establish cultivation methods. Rinpoche himself and all disciples that he embodies and protects will all rigorously follow and perform accordant with teachings. Rinpoche is a serious and sincere Buddha’s disciple.

John: Rinpoche has pure devotion to his Gurus and Buddhism. He has a pure way to take refuge from all his Gurus. He remembers all the detailed guidance from his Gurus and uses his whole life and future lives to accomplish it with full effort. He uses pure refuge to his Gurus and the Three Jewels to make his heart magnificent. He is the model of pure reliance and veneration to Guru and the Three Jewels.

(1) The Three Jewels are the Buddha, Dharma (Buddha's teaching) and Sangha (his community of realized disciples)
(2) Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana are the three types of teachings the Buddha taught for disciples with different motivations for their Buddhist study
(3) Sutra are the Buddha's direct teachings and shastra include commentaries and different works of specialized Buddhist literature
(4) Bodhisattvas are Buddhists who have taken a great vow to go beyond individual liberation from suffering and reach enlightenment for the purpose of liberating all sentient beings from every form of suffering and leading them to final peace